Having Extreme good looks~Gorgeous or Handsome & the ability of memorizing Lots of your character's lines for the movie.
Trina definitely had Movie Star quality. She's a 1 of a kind!
by Starchylde June 8, 2016
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a piece of shit; mostly for movie stars and bitches
Kanye West's music is movie star garbage.

Do u always have movie star garbage around ur house?
by futurefashionista December 15, 2009
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A game that used to be booming with users ranging from 8-15 years old back when online website games for children and young teens were popular. The game was infamous for the hackers it had on the game, the drama that started up in chat-rooms and forums simply if you didn't have VIP, and little kids trying to get an online Bf/Gf despite the fact the game was heavily restricted when it turned into a kids game.

During the time they changed into a kids game, they decided to ban people who bought their middle finger, smoking, gory, and gun animations, to make the game more child friendly instead of just getting rid of the animations.

You will get bullied on here for not having the latest version of shoes from rare week or if your character was too close to someone. Why? I don't know, the game had tons of little kids on there who weren't popular enough in school so they had to resort to an online children's game.

It it incredibly easy to hack the game. You can glitch out the amount of starcoins you have or decide to waste your time hacking a highscore and getting them banned. I miss Pumpchkin.

Every user from the " Golden Era " of Movie Star Planet ( including me ) has left the game due to the immense lag and the fact that ever since the creators have started working on the sequel.

I'm also pretty sure once you make an account MSP instantly gets your full name, address, and zipcode plus so so much more.
" Do you play Movie Star Planet still? "

" No, that game sucks balls, dude. "
by MiiKiiii June 14, 2022
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Movie star planet AKA Msp is a computer and phone game for tweens and teens. You can dress up avatars and get starcoins, Fame and diamonds! Diamonds are only earned by VIP players. VIP packages cost real money. You can buy VIP and earn more advantages.
Movie star planet (MSP) is my favorite game!

Diamonds are only earned by VIP players
by MSP ROCKS April 11, 2017
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telling a lie, overexagerrating
friend: i'm getting a nokia lumia 1020 tomorrow
me: lol you starring movies
by shak0207 February 23, 2014
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