Having Extreme good looks~Gorgeous or Handsome & the ability of memorizing Lots of your character's lines for the movie.
Trina definitely had Movie Star quality. She's a 1 of a kind!
by Starchylde June 8, 2016
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a piece of shit; mostly for movie stars and bitches
Kanye West's music is movie star garbage.

Do u always have movie star garbage around ur house?
by futurefashionista December 15, 2009
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Movie star planet AKA Msp is a computer and phone game for tweens and teens. You can dress up avatars and get starcoins, Fame and diamonds! Diamonds are only earned by VIP players. VIP packages cost real money. You can buy VIP and earn more advantages.
Movie star planet (MSP) is my favorite game!

Diamonds are only earned by VIP players
by MSP ROCKS April 11, 2017
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telling a lie, overexagerrating
friend: i'm getting a nokia lumia 1020 tomorrow
me: lol you starring movies
by shak0207 February 23, 2014
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