A distinguished look or expression or a special way that something can be viewed.
The aspect of the man seemed to frighten littler kids.
by Freddy Lohn January 22, 2007
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adj. Dominated by one's television system.
Just like henpecked, except it's your television that rules your life. There are degrees of aspect, expressed as a ratio, e.g. 4:3, 16:9.
Ever since Harve got that big TV with all the little speakers, he never goes out anywhere. He's waayy aspect, like 23:7.
by Oliver Faltz August 7, 2009
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a really powerful weapon in skyblock that can only be aquire by very end game player who have high stats and skill.
by Zero00000Zero October 18, 2021
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Parts of life that need to be balanced to get a good life
She gave up on every aspect of life
by Devonalfiano July 13, 2021
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New Aspect Director is the creative,writer and director on various productions local to Ireland. Although relatively unknown,New Aspect Director can be found online and certain social networking sites such as Bebo and youtube. Will usually aid people if in need of help in different areas of media.
Yo you should give a shout out to New Aspect Director. He might give you a helping hand in your movie shit.
by SporticusM April 23, 2009
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