a marijuana cigarette that is poorly rolled, with tapered ends and a rounded enlarged middle section. usually the work of an inexperienced (or already intoxicated) joint roller.
origin is usually credited to Cypress Hill's classic song "Roll It Up, Light It Up, Smoke It Up".
by Dawn Davenport October 25, 2004
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When a guy fucks a girl so hard he leaves his semen inside her and creates another life.
Jake : Damn Kiersten your so beautiful I wanna Impregnate you right now!
Kiersten : Oh Jake were at work we might get fired!
Jake : Who cares!
Chad : I do you if you two start makin babies on company time you'll be on welfare!
Jake : Kick Ass then I wont have to put up with your shit anymore!
Kiersten : Yeah come on Jake let's hit the bathroom so you can Impregnate me!
Chad : I think I'm gonna be sick!
by SlopNChop August 14, 2017
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male who does not use protection there by getting horny girls pregnant
britney spears had an impregnator for a boyfriend now she has three kids and pays him child support.
by danbra May 17, 2011
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A viciously sexual predatory beast. Always has the urge to have unprotected sex, and carries it out between 13 - 666 times a day, each with a different woman. A virgin girl would lose her innocence in mere seconds, just through plain eye contact with one, and girls as young as 2 are rumoured to have had to take contraceptives after being in the same room as one. On the off-chance you happen to involve in sexual activities with one and they do use a condom, that will still not be enough to protect you from the might of a horny impregnator.

Sometimes (rarely) people with testicles are also referred to as impregnators for their ability to impregnate, however it is inappropriate to use it in this manner and generally only older people will use it like this.
Luther: "Mum get down! He's here!"
Mum: "Who!?"
Luther: (ominously) "The impregnator"

Polly: "I'm honestly think that we should have children"
Milan: "Wow! What a great coincidence!" (smugly) "You know I'm quite the impregnator"

Old Boy Scout Leader: "Good morning impregnators!
by Mr. Death and Suicide January 23, 2020
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