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n. a fancy term for a male prostitute or gigolo; not associated with ushering or accompaniment.
Did you see the ad in the paper for the escort who charges $1,500 an hour?
by Richard Black April 18, 2005
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Brie Ann was ovulating and even though Tyrone had masturbated three times that day he was still horny. He had to fuck something but didn't want another kid, so he fucked the cleavage of Brie Ann's 44 ddd's and spewed the juice in her face. It was quite a cum facial.
by Richard Black April 29, 2005
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adj. leaning, crooked, or lopsided. Used in the southern United States to describe the position of certain objects.
That lean-to that Bill built on the back of his house is more than out of square, it is antigodlin.
by Richard Black July 10, 2005
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A person not well experienced with fellatio; often scrape their teeth over the tender meatus of a penis head.
Betty Lou was not very good giving Tyrone head. She scraped his meatus while giving him toothy head.
by Richard Black March 2, 2005
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Having had sex with a casual partner.
Eddie picked up Clyde at the bar, took him home, gave him another drink, and then tricked with him.
by Richard Black March 14, 2005
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Usually an older, fat homosexual who can no longer attract a trick but wants to watch or interrupt those who are tricking. Often seen in secluded areas where there are public homosexual acts.
Jake had just gone down on his knees to give Tyrone some head, when out of nowhere walks up this fat troll.
by Richard Black February 27, 2005
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Seems like everybody on the high school team was offering tube steak to the boy cheerleaders on the bus on the trip back home.
by Richard Black March 11, 2005
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