191 definitions by Richard Black

In some porn shops professionally drilled penis holes with painted lips, heads, butts for the purpose of anonymous sex in the form of fellatio or buggery.

Beware, the guy on the other side might be straight and have a lit cigarette!
Jimmy learned to wait for a signal from the other side of the stall wall where the glory hole was.

His horniness suddenly left him when he stuck his cock through the glory hole and a straight guy touched the head of his cock with a lit cigarette.
by Richard Black March 3, 2005
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A line of hair (highway)running from the navel to the crotch (penis).

For gays, a fetish.
At the beach Rock saw a highway to heaven on almost all the guys wearing bikini bathing suits.
by Richard Black March 1, 2005
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n. conceited attitude, cockiness, arrogance, strut
Tyrone was full of every aspect of swagger when he deflowered and impregnated the white class favorite.
by Richard Black May 8, 2005
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A sentence meaning:

Are you one for sixty-nine, too?

Written on toilet walls in solicitation of a mutual blowjob, usually followed by telephone numbers. The two partners lie against each other with their heads in the other's crotch and perform fellatio.
Chuck had written RU14692 under the glory hole in every stall in most of the tea rooms along the South beach.
by Richard Black April 24, 2005
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Dangerous dildo for one who is gay. Emergency rooms report numerous cases were aggresive users got carried away with the veggie, had it slipout of their hands, and turn sideways in the colon. Only a doctor could remove it.
The embarrassment of having the cucumber removed from LeRoy's ass was worse than the medical procedure it took to retrieve the lost veggie.
by Richard Black May 1, 2005
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Gays have been on this diet steadily for years. It consists entirely of meat and gravy.
A gay doesn't have to measure or count anything on this low-carb diet. He can eat as many twelve inch tube steaks a day as he can handle without tiring. Some swallow only the gravy, pure protein. Weight stays constant.
by Richard Black May 6, 2005
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an older rich, gay white man who provides money or other goodies for his stable of black tricks.
George dropped $10k on his recent trip to DC, Philly, and NYC paying for bedroom favors from black escorts, who call him sugar daddy.
by Richard Black March 4, 2005
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