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adj. Fantastic, great, wonderful, et.
Gee, wouldn't it be swell if Mike won the lottery?
by Richard Black March 01, 2005

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An acceptable girl's name into the 1960s.
Gay Anne Rhimes was homecoming queen at Central High in 1964.

Kathryn Gay Montgomery was queen in 1965.
by Richard Black March 28, 2005

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The penetration of the penis into the pelvic cavity, resulting in partners being pelvis to pelvis as in the missionary position with sexual organs being totally obscured by pubic hair.

Repetitions of this procedure are referred to as 'having sex,' 'fucking,' screwing, etc.
Rick had a bad habit of cumming upon entry with one simple penetration, leaving Marsha frustrated and resorting to masturbation for release.
by Richard Black March 24, 2005

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n. a form of birth control
Brie Ann was ovulating and even though Tyrone had masturbated three times that day he was still horny. He had to fuck something but didn't want another kid, so he fucked the cleavage of Brie Ann's 44 ddd's and spewed the juice in her face. It was quite a cum facial.
by Richard Black April 29, 2005

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A last ditch effort.
With two seconds left on the game clock, Roger Staubauk threw a hail Mary pass to Drew Person, his fellow team mate, who caught the ball in the end zone to beat the Vikings.
by Richard Black March 11, 2005

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adj. cannot be satisfied; must have more
Tyrone masturbates three or four times a morning while he is shaving or showering in preparation for spending the day with Brie Ann. He can lay with her for hours and bust even more nuts, so it is safe to say he has a sex drive that is insatiable.
by Richard Black May 04, 2005

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Keeping quiet, not telling or acting out. In the gay community, black males who are tricking, looking for anal or oral sex.
Tyrone and Shi'Thead appeared like thugs on the street, but in the bedroom they experiemented with every hole they had. They kept it on the down low, though.
by Richard Black March 19, 2005

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