97 definitions by Gerard Irick

someone who obsess over petty details
Terri is really anal about her work.
by Gerard Irick July 17, 2009
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Run-DMC's Raising Hell album is a all time hip-hop classic.
by Gerard Irick February 27, 2009
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to have good sound judgment
Its only common sense to not spend your last dollar on something you don't need.
by Gerard Irick December 14, 2009
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is when both parties plan to cooperate so they both can be satisfied and have their separate needs met
In order for a marriage to work you have to compromise.
by Gerard Irick July 17, 2009
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someone who has a habitual desire to take charge and to make sure things go their way
A control freak can have a tendency to become obsessive.
by Gerard Irick January 29, 2010
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to request something in a forceful urgent manner
The lady was very demanding with the people on the phone.
by Gerard Irick January 11, 2010
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