Fake courage; The act of being scared but still brave.
For all my bravado, I still sucker punch that guy...
by Naomi Jeys February 7, 2006
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The right wing voters that dress as soldiers during the American Revolution or as Founding Fathers to try and prove that they are more patriotic and dedicated to America than anyone else. patriot, Founding Fathers, American Revolution, conservative, right wing, Fox news, Tea Party, Republican, Declaration of Independence, Constitution, freedom
I went down to the protest and there were tons of people dressed like soldiers during the American Revolution. Way too much patriotic bravado for me.
by joecoolthefool November 17, 2015
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Portraying yourself as much more confident then you are as a defense mechanism.
She knows she's wack, but her false bravado causes her to strut around claiming she's a dime.
by The Most Savvy December 13, 2011
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Engaging confident or brave talk or behavior that is intended to impress other people from the safety of being behind a keyboard instead of in person, usually accompanied by blustering swaggering conduct and a pretense of bravery. Can also describe the quality or state of being foolhardy on social media in a way that one wouldn't otherwise act in other circumstances.
What would have been an otherwise civil debate escalated into an online meltdown due to much keyboard bravado and fragile egos.
by jasonspsyche April 13, 2015
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A state of mind one is in after a breakup. Large life changing choices are made, though rarely followed up on. Upon reflection, one questions what the hell one was thinking.
Jill: Weren't you going to join the army after Alice left you?

Jack: I was, but it was just breakup bravado.
by Matthew A Connor January 22, 2014
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Someone who takes pleasure from saying or doing asshole things, but only when it's appropriate for that person to receive the asshole treatment.
Also refers to the sense of humor associated with being an asshole.
The waitress was being rude, so I poured water over her head, left a 20 on the table, and walked out, swelling with the pride of a bravado asshole.
by quetzaln January 23, 2007
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When you're acting tough and you get a stiffy from it.
Dan: Man, I just told my boss off and got so excited. I think I got a bravado Boner.

Rick: Word.
by Pocket Rocket CPA July 17, 2018
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