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An act of being brave,Like going into war,causing emotional tears for wife/husband and children.Which will make you emotional also.
"I'm brave,I'm confident,I'm strong,I won't give up
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by DerpyUnicorn October 23, 2016
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Music so good it could elicit sexual arousal.
The new We Came As Romans albums is chock full of bonerjams.
by lpvitus October 28, 2009
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Just fuck life and do whatever shit makes you happy
“Wow, I hate school, i mean my friends did say that that skiving is good, meh, I’ll be confident!”
by Type something here December 13, 2019
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One of the reasons why most men with countless temptation nowadays rather prefer the bitches over the shy girls. Since the bitch typically aka. bad girls defies the norm of a good women and do whatever she wants to do at her own discretion, men ironically respect the difference and are allured by it.Not to mention she has an ATTITUDE and sexy stride that will captivate the opposite sex.
A confident woman is SEXXY, but not an egocentric woman. Something initially many younger woman struggle with , until she gets older or experience a jerk. It use to be an attractive thing women were shy until a guy meets a bad girl.
by Philosophiee October 01, 2017
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What you are if you're able to talk to a person from the opposite sex without having a nervous breakdown.
Person #1: "Look that dude can just talk to any girl without even stuttering."
Person #2: "Yeah, he's hella confident."
Person #1: "I know, I wish I had that much confidence."
by Dubiks December 10, 2018
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not giving a fuck about good things and just goin for
ima go talk to this fine bitch(hey was sup baby gurl i think ur cute)

and if she likes it u shell go with the flow back but confident mean not bein shy just bein down to talk to a girl like if shes aint shit to u but u just wanna talk to her like mack it on her or some shit u know.. lol well confident basickly mean not bein shy and just bein urself and talking to her like nothing just bein down and not shy i guess im not sure lol but its like dat u know what i mean jelly bean ;) well add me on mahspace sexy ladies ill tell u more ;)
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