*used wen pissed off wit some1 as a substitute to fuck off.
*it can also be used literally to tel a gyal to suk ur piece.
1.Man1:Nemiya pissed me off
MAn2:So wot did u do bout it.
Man1:Told im to suckout.

2.Gyal:Hey bbz u lukin kinda peng u wnt a kiss.
Man:Nah biatch jus suckout init, i knw ur a header.
by TruNigga07 March 09, 2007
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Function: noun, adjective
Date: 2009

: poker term for an unlikely loss when a bad hands beats a better one, usually on or near the river.
***KJs beats 66***

ULTIMATE JRUD: what a suckout
by 666FTW July 13, 2009
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Poker term. When a frikkin idiot calls a huge bet with nothing and proceeds to catch two or more miracle cards for the win.
fish:"Wow, you had AK? When the flop came AK9 and you went all-in I was sure you were bluffing so I called with my 72. Good thing I caught running 7s for the set!"

MaxRake: GKY
by MaxRake June 01, 2005
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were you basically tell someone to fuck right off
Gay guy: hey mannn want some cockk
Non-Gay: Yo wtf man Suckoutt you Faggot
by J 2 da H ;) February 05, 2009
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The silliest Low-budget films by people like you and me.
Those Suckouts are the silliest ever!
by Amber April 07, 2004
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A word used to generally insult somebody if they've dised you in some way or pissed you off.
Phil: You tramp.
John: Suckout Phil.
by N. Hughes. December 15, 2007
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Suckout city is the mythical place you go to when an underdog upsets the favorite or something unlikely occurs. The term is taken from the poker term suckout when a worse hand beats what statistically was the better hand before the suckout occurred.
Wow, my kings were just overthrown by that donk's Q-10! I am in downtown suckout city right now.
by Mr. Nuts February 14, 2010
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