A text message symbol representing spoon or spooning.
Monique texts: I'm drunk and I want to 66. Come over.
Jesse texts: Sure sugar, we'll just spoon. You're drunk right?
by MoMo Mayes April 30, 2007
Having regular sex as opposed to 69 Where the ovals of each number a supposed to represent the heads of each person particapating.
My and my gurl are gonna 66 tonight.
by Fork Me With A Spoon January 11, 2004
A number used to represent Order 66, which is the order to kill all Jedi. This was used during the clone wars, which was episodes 2-3 of the Star Wars series. Darth Sidious issued Order 66 to all clone troopers to shoot and kill Jedi near the end of the clone wars. The clones would usually take their Jedi leaders by surprise, shooting them in the back, and even killed them while they were in battle with Separatist forces. The Jedi could not save themselves due to the numbers of the clones.
I get a bit emotional when I saw 66 for the first time.
by Weeaboo&FurryHunter69 May 7, 2017
The term for doing it from behind
Hey gir want to 66?
Nah! I'm a virgin

But its butt stuff and you can't loose your virginity from butt stuff!!
Ok meet you at 6:66pm
by Real Garlic November 11, 2016
Marie texts: I'm drunk and I want to 66. Come over.
Jesse texts: Yeah, I want to 66 too...then I'm doing coke off your tits and we are fucking. I'll be there in 5.
by MoMo Mayes April 30, 2007
Sexual position that refer to spooning or fucking someone in the butt. Pronounced six-six.
Forget sixty-nining (69), I wanna 66 (six-six).
by yingyang opposites August 22, 2011