Non-Gay. The only possible word to describe someone who's Non-Gay.
Oh, u r Non-Gay too? Yeah, same.
by PewDiePieIsNotTheFather May 15, 2020
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A homosexual who does not identify with the gay community or as having a gay identity. They just want to live a normal life without the "gay" label but accept themselves for who they are/
He is not is the closet, he's a non-gay homosexual.
by AntDog14 July 11, 2008
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Used to describe one who allegedly "recovers" from homosexuality.

Generally used by the "ex-gay" movement, to describe those who "recover" from homosexuality.
"I might still suffer from same-sex attraction, but I am a strictly non-gay homosexual."
by a.smo July 12, 2009
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a contradictory statement most commonly used to express dominance over another male by implying the subservient individual must touch and stroke the dominant male's penis to climax with or without tickling and/or cupping of the testes.

handjobs are never actually given or that would no longer be implying homosexuality simply because by touching another man's penis you are indeed homosexual unless you're a doctor.
Dude A: "Will you give me a ride home in a bit?"

Dude B: "I will give you a ride home if you give me a non gay handjob on the way."
by anco bluzea November 17, 2010
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(NGGF) A friend who is not gay, but acts like the gay friend that every girl wants. He goes for coffee with you, sits and listens intently to all of your problems for hours on end (especially guy problems). He offers advice from a guy's perspective and tries to make sense of the way guys' minds work. He is the ultimate guy friend who will always be there for you. Because they are not gay, it is possible to hook up with NGGFs, but it complicates things because you are simply such good friends and know absoluetly every detail about each other's sexual lives. You should however reserve these guys as a back-up plan if you don't get married by the age of...say 40. NGGFs are so much fun to be around. They also tend to be very good looking, but unfortunately, they are quite rare.
I met my non-gay-gay-friend at starbucks yesterday. We chatted for 3 hours then went for a walk in a ravine.
by mecisthebestestever September 12, 2009
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When two men press their butts against each other, while a third man fucks the crack between. Since there's no penetration, it's not gay according to God.
The Catholic priest liked to use the Non Gay Three Way with his alter boys to help get his jolly's off while still maintaining his purity in the eyes of God.
by Tony "Tone" Booyah! February 11, 2016
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A marriage between two people of the same gender who are not gay. Usually considered the pinnacle of a bromance where two bro's decide to become partners for life in a straight way. This is like in that movie "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry." Although Chuch and Larry were pretending to be gay, they were actually two straight men who married for reasons involving pensions or something.
"Don't worry man, everyone here knows this is a non-gay gay marriage."

"You wanna have sex?"
by Desmond White December 1, 2009
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