when asking a guy/girl for their number u refer to them as 7s
Guy asks girl, "so can i hav ur 7s?"
by hotdyme95 October 2, 2005
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There are 2 types of year 7s:
- The nice ones that are usually scared of the older ones and will say sorry all the time (You don’t get a lot of these anymore)
- Tiny ass cunts that try to act like roadmen. Straight up bitches and have no respect for you. (The shorter they are the ruder they get)
Move man you’re in the fucking way
Bitch shut the fuck up before I knock you and your midget self

I hate year 7s
by Suckurmummmmmmmm October 15, 2019
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The first years of High School in Australia who think they are cool just because they are in high school, when in fact they are just annoying little kiddies who annoy the older students.
*A bunch of year 7s run past a group of year 10s whilst playing "tag"*
Year 10 dude: Fucken year 7s
by Jimmy Man June 6, 2011
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pejorative term for an excessively promiscuous person (commonly referencing a woman), slut
Damn that female is straight up trip 7s!
by Viscount Scott May 22, 2008
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It's a 7th-grade class with drama and idiots. You are either smart in academics or you just have common sense. You will only have one person in your class that has both of these and tbh you're or was or will be probably not that person. You will always have the pretty popular girl, the loud ugly guy, the nerdy one, or the one guy every girl likes for some reason. One last thing your homeroom teacher is most likely lay-back and nerdy.
Guy: "Why is everyone in that class so idiotic"
Girl: "You do realize you're in the 7S classroom too..."
by XoXmeepXoX May 5, 2020
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year 7s
year 7s are little bitches that are either like ¨ oh my goooddddddd emily!! look hes so awsome wowowowoowowowowowo OMG teacher can we do our test YAY!!!!. or oi lad fuck off you piece of shit year 8 have some respect or i will knock you out.
oooh ooooh oooh wanna fight marmite. fuck off wanka. they have no respect at all and think they are lil gansters and shit.
by corban_107 January 8, 2021
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