A question asking if someone is clean from using a drug.
"You off?" - asking a former drug user if they have stopped using
by HoHy October 9, 2013
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To give someone something especially money when you are in a strapped position yourself.
I broke you off when them other niggas wouldn't give you a dime!
by dablackrabbit June 17, 2015
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To make the other sexual partner cum. Usually used as a statement to describe what you are going to do, occasionally used after what you already have done.
Tim, I know your home alone tonight, how about I come over and I'll break you off.

Julie, you're being really bitchy today, do you need me to break you off?

I broke her off last night.
by sassyluvv October 29, 2014
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When you're done with a girl, pass her off. Or if a girl's done with you she passes you off.
"I'm kind of getting tired of you, I feel like passing you off."
by Ifeeldifferent May 11, 2020
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whatever excites or sexually arouses you
1: this banana gets you off aye babe?
2: yeah baby, it's nice, very nice
by i know how it is March 29, 2011
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