OMF stemming from a typo while typing OMG. Similar in history to the creation of pwn from an own typo. Gennerally taken to have the meaning "oh my fuck".
OMF, I just shat my pants!
OMF, Tommy really likes to take it in the butt.
by OMFKiddie July 07, 2004
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1. From the typo of OMG (oh my god), OMF means: Oh my f*ck.

2. Sometimes used to describe things done "on my face"
1. "He broke up with me!! OMF!!"

2. "He just broke up with me and peed OMF!!"
by TooTurntToBeQueen January 03, 2014
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That OMF over there has a flask built into his cane.
by JT_DONT_PLAY December 19, 2017
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Old Man Fart. When you're walking through WalMart and the old guy sitting on the bench leans over and rips a big one. That's an OMF.
Dude! Did you hear that OMF??

Do I smell like OMF?

Mom, that food smells like OMF. Gross.
by OC woman May 18, 2011
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An abbreviation to 'oh my fuck'. Kinda like a synonym to 'wow'.
"omf dude i haven't seen you in forever!"

"how much thought did you put into this lmfao omf what even-??"

by lordofthefliesbitch September 17, 2014
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short for "Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery"
usually used by oral surgeons.
OMFS is what happens when your wisdom teeth are removed.
by el brado August 23, 2004
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