let’s just say that silliest has a donut picture on twitter so that means that he’s a donut
let’s just say that silliest has a donut picture on Twitter so that means that he’s a donut
by ThqnkYou May 19, 2019
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A Silliest Goofer isn't a thing. it is a person. a person named Plusho. a pretty stupid one the least but still a fun one. The Silliest Goofer is a strange creture that loves Arson and chaos. nobody knows why. The Silliest Goofer just exist.
Person1: hey what is a silliest goofer?
person2: Plusho
person1: Who is tha-
Person2: PLUSHO.
by Goofy Plush September 16, 2023
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the silliest of the sillies
ur silly
no ur sillier
ur silliest
ur silliester
by theserrealwords September 28, 2023
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A play off of the word supercilious.
When someone uses words too big for their simplistic sentence, hoping it makes them sound smarter than you.
Searching for insult synonyms on Google and putting them in your clapbacks does not make you look intelligent. It's superfluous to a point of super-silliest, because it's both arrogant and lazy. Your insult is lame and you should be ashamed of how boring you are; now, we're all laughing at you for trying too hard to hide your lack of intelligence.
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