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that would be every single guy *cough* mark strickland *cough*
mark, you're a horny monkey
by Amber February 26, 2004
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jelly bracelets have no sexual meanings unless you want them to. i think its stupid theyre trying to ban them in school because some of us just wear them because they match what we wear. i wear them and im not into that sexual stuff.
They're just accesories!!!
by Amber March 25, 2004
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A word added to the word hot meaning anything or person so hot makes the sun look like a snow cone.
"Yo did you see that new Escalade it's Quddus HOt"
by Amber November 24, 2003
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Not just the job you choose, but any activity of daily living one engages in.
Bathing, eating, cooking, and crafts are just a few examples of occupation. When you hear Occupational Therapist, please do not respod with, "so you find jobs for people." They don't!
by Amber January 20, 2004
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Coming from the old southern word meri or meredith, Murri means only slutty or bumpy.
Murri is fo' sho' bangin'.

I vaaant to get up in hurr (murri's) koolaid.
by Amber July 28, 2004
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dude! see all the cumquat on the sheets?
by Amber February 26, 2004
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