this word is used to descibe someone who is frickin hardcore, especially in the gaming area
man take a break from the cack corderio ur like a fuciking tel
by nack March 4, 2005
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Tel is a shorter name for Terry
person: hi terry u alrite
terry: yea but u can call me tel i prefer that
by tomclements February 13, 2009
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A Trans Exclusionary Lesbian, a Lesbian that will refuse to date, be attracted to, or have sex with someone born a Male.
That TEL won't date me because I was born male.
by pornstitute October 15, 2021
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Truly Epic Lulz.

Stems from the FOX11 investigation on the Chans and anonymous.
"But TEL comes from raids and invasions..."
by OLOL November 3, 2007
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When an individual has fucked a situation up, possiblly beyond most peoples belief.

A term that is quickly moving globally in usage, Originated by a single Male, in Scotland.
''A he's don eit now, gone and screwed that one up''
Dude, Don't Tel it up!!.. your a real Tel you know that!! etc.

Tel... Verb, subjective: English usage: seperate from reality, to break damage or ruin. alt useage: fall from grace. colloquile useage.. to fuck up, to munson.. rubberman.
by graphicalg September 4, 2011
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