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A sign. A behavioral clue that reveals something one tries to hide.
The girl looking at my boots and licking her lips was a big tell that she wanted to serve me.
by Catch June 27, 2005
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A card player's mannerism that gives away the strength of his hand
The rule is this: you spot a man's tell, you don't say a fucking word
by madone January 07, 2008
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Tells - Function: Noun; Entymology: Tell; A private message in a video game or chat client, etc, that only the sender and recipient see.

Variants: Tellstorm (A large amount of tells)
<I'm getting a lot of tells, hold on.>
<Tellstorm, just a sec.>
by Ryan Hamilton October 21, 2005
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In Seinlanguage, this is a sign usually indicating the status of one's relationship with a person when one is questioned. Generally the placement of a hand or hands on the face, as the hands move further up the face, the indication is a worsening relationship status.
Jerry: So how is your doctor friend there?

Elaine: *reaches up, rubs nose* Fine, fine...

Jerry: George, did you see that?

George: Saw it.

Elaine: Saw what?

Jerry: The sign.
by DKS 2 July 11, 2005
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To inform authorities on some one or to snitch because you are to much of a pussy to stand up for yourself.
Chris is going to tell on Matt for unplugging his mouse.
by mnjsan March 08, 2010
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tells got owned and "left" DALnet like the pussy nigger bitch that he is.
tells enjoys giving 500 pound black men rim jobs.
by Vince Russo December 24, 2003
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-Noun, A classic american "pull-job" style of saying "teller". (as in a bank teller)

-A whiteboy prison/pull-job term for a bank teller.
I knew this stick, he was so good, he'd have the Tell shakin' on her knees just by pointin' his finger, and sayin' "You know the drill darlin'".
by Jeff S. May 29, 2005
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