it's more of a short form of babe of baby
girl: Listen i g2g go
dude: c ya 'round bbz
by Mz.curiosity June 25, 2006
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1) a short/slang word for babes. often used on msn, in text messages and in emails
1)"heya bbz u ok?"
"Yeh I'm Gd Tah Bbz"
by Elz-ox March 8, 2008
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another name for a blowjob behind the local grocery store
damn got a bbz from who?
by Cindz March 27, 2007
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he's so bbz, lets all go and have a look.
by bbz August 25, 2004
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stands for
Bitchy BabeZ!

for any girl who is a bitch, and proud!
they are such BBZ!! they bitch all the time.
by bebbies August 17, 2007
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A worldwide company, specialising in video production, game production, android applications, website development and cyberattacks.
I got this new app update from bbz yesterday.

bbz posted a new video today.
by Gjørris May 22, 2019
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Two people who are so passionately in love, that they will stay united together for all of eternity.
Even though Todd and Vanessa have been together for two weeks, they claim to be 4evr bbz. I'm so jealous, I wish I had a love like that.
by niggerwigger March 11, 2012
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