lazy person's way to say suck... although it's only one letter, when used en mass (suksuksuksuksuksuksuksuksuksuksuksuksuksuksuksuksuksuksuksuksuksuksuksuksuksuksuksuksuksuksuksuksuksuksuksuksuksuk) it saves a lot of time
by dude in the corner June 25, 2003
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eww last nite my room mate was doing suk suk RITE next 2 me, it was soo gross.
by NdN gurl May 10, 2007
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A way of spelling 'Suck It' whilst evading censor scripts.
su madre, suk it, newb!
by Haviere Sanchez September 01, 2003
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THis is a slang for suck. It is used to define how a girl sucks on her straw when drinking. This is useful. I have a foot fetish
She SUKS good.
by Fortnitecoon September 29, 2018
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Min Suk is an asian dick sucker, who sucks off old ladies/shemales. Min Suks usually wear glases because they blind as fuck. They like toes especially the ones with algae and spider web in between.
Min suk means to be gay in korean
by Firstlover February 23, 2020
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A Korean name.
Commonly used for Males.

Literal Tradiction: Original Precious Stone / Precious Original Stone
Won Suk Lee
Won Suk Park
Won Suk Kim
by NipKR March 11, 2014
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The ultimate suckable suckage of sucking in suckableness; The PRIME example of the worst of the worst.
My computer is teh suk! (my computer is literally the worst computer in the entirety of the fucking world, yes, even worse than found parts you might assemble at a garbage dump)
by Cold0ne December 01, 2002
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