a nonsexual blowjob. common in people who have The Depression and find sucking on things soothing. kinda like oral fixation but with dick, i guess.
i was feeling pretty numb yesterday so my bf let me suckle.
by //lee// November 7, 2018
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To wrap one's lips around an object / body organ and lightly breathe in.
Matthew Tang: Some guy was so turned on during a Nikki Webster concert that he unzipped his fly and lightly suckled his mushroom cap!
by Banri Tanaka August 20, 2003
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the act of sucking something constantly without letting go.
I washed my butt good will you suckle on my skin tube.
by Timothy August 4, 2004
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taking more than a sip but less than a gulp when asking for some of your friend's drink
"dude give me a suckle of your monster"
by barisaxlegend April 30, 2008
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1. The act of corporate dogs and government fatcats chewing and sucking the teats of George W. Bush.
2. The act of purchasing an XBox.
I suckled Microsoft's smooth, bald ass by purchasing and playing the XBox.
by bastardized bottomburp May 23, 2003
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Adults Sucking on breast like a baby nursing. Major sexual stimulator
She loves being suckled on while sitting on the couch. He lays across her lap and begins suckling.
by Christy35 March 5, 2019
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the act of snuggling and sucking dick (for females) or tits (for male)
She was on her period, so instead of sex, we suckled
by duder mccadams October 6, 2010
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