the feeling of feeling no feeling.
im jus so numb
by mandy v October 3, 2018
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1. Not able to feel.
2. What alchohol and drugs do to you to prevent pain.
Since I drank so much alchohol that night, I ran into a truck and didn't feel a thing!
by gwiinlgleirn May 22, 2005
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The feeling of no feeling at all, if left to long may be taken over by undefined feelings that cant be controlled.

my numbness turned into a want to kill.

(consult doctor at this time)
by Free-From-Fate April 19, 2009
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The blood in your vessels does notgo into the limb so you lose feeling in it.
No Feeling.
I slept on my arm and now my hand is numb.
by Logansmorf April 19, 2004
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Another expression for being drunk, promoted in the shire
hey mate, lets go to the bar and get numb
by PJ THE J March 21, 2008
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This party is numb
by dlocsp October 14, 2008
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so cool that you turn numb.
Mac Dre's songs are so numb.
I am feeling super numb right now, brah.
by Azucena August 22, 2006
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