The kindest, sweetest, most beautiful, amazing, kind hearted, smartest, most wonderful human that has ever and will ever exist.
“My bf is so amazing,” Ellie said.
“Yes,” Eri agreed. “He’s the best person in the world.”
by The universal truth April 12, 2021
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Dump him, its not worth it. And while your at it come suck my horse cock. ~Larray
yes my bf cheated on me so im going to dump him and suck LARRAYS giant horse cock.
by gianthorsecock69420 September 17, 2020
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the best person i could ever have the crazy luck to meet. everything about them is flawless and i love every part of them. the perfect combination of teasing and loving. they are the only person i want to be with, for the rest of my life.
my bf keith is the love of my life, they’re so handsome <3
by cybergf#1 September 1, 2021
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he makes me feel so safe when i talk to him , he’s rlly dry but it’s ok. and ZOOOOOWEEEEMAAMAAAA he fine as fuck
he’s so nice omg , i hope joshua my bf <3takes me serious 🤞🏽
by alytheone444mybf November 22, 2021
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Ellie's very sexy bf.
Luca has a very very very nice ass and is so hot, he's the one person who will brighten your day with his humorous jokes and cute smiles and caring personality that will give you butterflies everytime you see him. He has the cutest faggy boy who will protect and love and care about you no matter what and will do anything to make someone feel cared for. Luca is very cool and popular with the boys and girls if yk what I mean and he's always down for a fun time by usually doing something dumb or illegal. Overall one of the most amazing boys you'll ever meet, he makes girls head over toes and definitely the best boyfriend a girl could ask for. Also he makes me blush alot like everytime I see him in the halls and everything
Wow Luca (my very sexy bf) <3 is so hot and I'm so jealous of his girlfriend that will hurt any girl that breaths the same air as him
by Hsguebwhi Jay in November 28, 2021
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