To be upset, agitated, or bitter towards someone or something. Like being salty but only a little bit.

"Alright I'm not gonna lie I'm lightly salted right now."
by Kashmando August 11, 2014
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An expression to warn another person about their future actions.
Bryan Torres : Bro I've been selling crack all week in Newark. This is my block.

John Espinal : Dude there's been a homicide in Newark everyday the last 68 days. Tread lightly.
by @Spinzus October 29, 2013
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At the point right before you are drunk, but definitely passed being buzzed.
Mitch: "You drunk yet Jack?!"
Jack: "Im feeling lightly pressed right now. Give me another beer or two."
by Yoloswag1994 May 18, 2014
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Where both people have been open about their feelings for each other and are currently doing dating activities together, but have not made the full commitment of actual dating.

Different from casual dating in the sense that both parties are desiring a deeper commitment and does not entirely include using the tags "Boyfriend/Girlfriend."
Me: Yeah we're just lightly dating right now.

Friend: Oh cool, when are you gonna actually ask her?

Me: idk yet man, we're just waiting.
by yaboyezach April 12, 2018
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To be delicate or careful about a certain subject or around certain people as to not cause drama or problems.
“You know I’m the one who started this record company and now they kicking me out for younger talent? People better Tread Lightly if they want to bring this up with me because they don’t know who I am or what I’m capable of out here!”
by Terry Bad Ice January 13, 2020
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To be 'lightly toasted' is to be stoned due to the use of marijuana.

This phrase was apparently popular in some circles in the early 1990's... according to this philosophy professor I had this one time.

Advantages of the phrase 'lightly toasted' over other more common terms:
1 - It is basically a thinly veiled version of the more popular adjective 'baked,' and yet it is somehow ambiguous enough to be used in virtually any environment without anyone being the wiser.

2 - It invokes images of lightly toasted food, which is always pleasurable to think about and even better - to consume when you yourself are 'lightly toasted.'

3 - You can insert the phrase into a sentence about food and in so doing tip off only those cool enough to understand.
"My kid's chorus performance is going to bore me to tears. I'd better get lightly toasted before I go."

(the stealthy approach):
"Hey guys, I could go for some *lightly toasted* Popped Tarts right now... (wink wink) What about you guys?"

(or it can even serve as sexual innuendo):
"Hey baby, let's get lightly toasted then you can butter my bacon while I scramble your eggs."

The possibilities are endless. So, go out there and spread the good word my friends. We won't stop until the whole world is golden brown.
by a mutual friend March 3, 2009
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Used to describe the severity of a "shidded clothing". If the shid severity is light you would use lightly shidded, if not just use shidded.
"I'm selling a pair of lightly shidded pants"

"All my clothes are lightly shidded"
by Fard Studios™ October 4, 2022
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