Swallowing your saliva or dry swallowing, often used as a expression of worrying and fear in cartoon
Scooby: Shaggy...
Shaggy: Its behind me, Isn't it?....
Scooby: Yes...
Shaggy: *Gulp* Oh no...
Shaggy and Scooby: RUNNN!!!!
by Mystei January 30, 2023
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"These Urban Dictionary guys are bunch of filthy perverts. Gulp is clearly the sound made when swallowing, and can have quite innocent connotations."
by Mr. Brownstone January 27, 2005
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Covert way of saying a women has really nice big boobs. Also see swig. Swig is used for small boobs, gulp is used for big boobs
by Down Town Julie Brown November 29, 2006
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A definition of a person horny on another person online
'Seeing Leon make me gulp gulp gulp gulp
by meihoe June 12, 2022
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This is another word you use to break up with someone if you don't want to tell them #Gulp gulp gulp.
Hey um.. I'm sorry but Gulp Gulp Gulp. *block*
by Vin 👹 July 11, 2022
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gulp gulp gulp
Im going to gulp gulp gulp you
by November 3, 2023
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