Musical notes, or by extension, a written or printed musical score.
Lisa is only eight years old but she already knows her spots.
by pentozali November 24, 2011
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SPOT (spát) n. - Acronym for "Some Penis Over There."

Male equivalent for the term thot ("That Hoe Over There"), that, ironically enough, is used quite frequently by thots.
THOT 1: "This party's lame, let's go."
THOT 2: "OK, but let's do a spot check real quick before heading out."
THOT 1: "So thottish. You're not a 'spot checker,' you're a dick hunter. I'm leaving."
THOT 2: "Whatever... bye Felicia."
by SecretJanitor December 18, 2016
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One who excels in everything he does, is loved by all, yet is decidedly modest
Why do you have to be such a spot, I cannot compete >_<
by Hagar April 06, 2003
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the place where you live.
I really like my spot for next year -- it's not in the sticks and I'll be right next to the scene downtown.
by Anonymous November 22, 2002
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(v.) A type of calling or request in social groups for punishment or public show of discipline upon oneself. This term is especially used in fraternities by pledges to admit guilt openly so they can avoid dismissal and be only punished through a public disciplining in a way that is dictated by the aforementioned fraternities Pledge Master.

The origin of this term comes from the 15th century, when one would exclaim "SPOTS! SPOTS!" after they discovered they had smallpox, which is characterized by raised fluid filled blisters. Although the exclamation of spots by these individuals was done to elicit help, it almost always resulted in the public punishment by burning to death. This was due to smallpox being seen as a punishment from God in the time period.
Afraid of being expelled as a pledge, Timothy ran down the stairs of his frat house yelling "SPOTS! SPOTS!" after he spilled the mop bucket for the third time in a week.
by Harry Burgeuss May 04, 2008
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Beware when a Car Yard advertises 'Spot Cash' for Cars, you wont get more than $100 for you Trade In!! :-)
by Another Ozzie Bloke May 26, 2005
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n; "the spot"
A place to hang out, a cool place.
n; "a spot"
A stain.
n; "spot"
A game that teenagers play, usually in highschool. When a yellow car, truck, van, or bus drives by one must yell spot & gets to punch another. No calls on the same vehicle. (dont fucking tell me this is wrong because it's a huge game at my school)
1. Dude, theres this fuckin amazing spot down the road where everyone's at!
2. Aw, man, I'm definately not getting this spot out of my new shirt...
3. SPOT! Haha, can't believe you didnt see that piss yellow truck!
by alyssaaaaa!!! October 21, 2007
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