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The most important erogeneous zone in the female, located over the cervix, also called anterior fornix erogeneous zone. Stimulation of the A-spot during vaginal intercourse can get a woman to a tremendous orgasm lasting for minutes, without forplay. See also AFE zone. The best position to reach the A-spot is the missionary. For many women stimulation of the A spot is the only way to climax.
I was lying on my back and my guy on top and making love to me he gave me such an A-spot orgasm I nearly passed out.
by Macska April 08, 2010
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It's pretty much the g-spot for guys. When having intercourse a man would have a finger shoved up his sphincter. It supposedly heightens the pleasure.
Alec was having fun with his a-spot last night.

Lalani is obsessed with his a-spot. He practically never takes his finger out of his bum!
by Johnny Hotnuts April 22, 2008
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An erogenous zone in the female, located in the anterior fornix region of the vagina. (Also see G spot.)
by Brown Sugar March 18, 2003
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It's basically the same as the woman's G-Spot, except the A-Spot it can be reached by penetrating the anus and going about 2-4 inches up until a small bump is felt. The A-Spot is found right next to the prostate gland. It is very sensitive, as is the prostate. It's very pleasurable for males.
The male got it in the ass and had the best orgasm of his life.
by Tuz September 23, 2003
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The male version of a "G-Spot." It's about 2 inches inside their ass.
"I hit my man's A-Spot last night and he exploded."
by No, it goes wOo WoO. June 12, 2006
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New Zealand Definition

1. Turn on the oldschool stovetop element to full power (found in almost every young person's flat in NZ)
2. Slot knives into elements
3. While waiting for knives to get insanely hot, roll your weed into balls and smash the bottom off a bottle (secret method required). Galliano bottles are brilliant.
4. Put the bottle to your mouth (not the smashed end) and ask your mate to drive for you.
5. Driving requires concentration and skill. Grab the knives by the handles and dab a spot with the hot end, thus picking it up. Hold knives under bottle's end while the receiver holds bottle top to mouth. Moosh the spot together between the knives, releasing smoke. Moosh it good and while your mate sucks it up.
"Deutz! I'm so ready for a spot after all that writing"
by peow peow, I got you in the ass. September 06, 2006
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