Foreplay is the fun, flirty, arousing goings on right before actually having sex. It's an act that sexually excites a person.
In forplay some people use icing, chocolate sauce, whatever...
by Intfac April 03, 2007
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I had a crush on a girl in my class and invited her to the movies. We watched the movie which was Hilarious to say at least. I invited her to my house as my parents were on vacation probably having sex. When we got to my house I told her "how I felt" about her and she told me she felt the same which I was happy about. But she wanted to "do it" but I was a catholic and couldn't unless we where married. And I told her this and she said if it was ok for ForPlay and I told her it is . And as I told her this she caressed me a kiss and as this happened I was surprised but pleased and kissed her back she walked me conveniently in to my bedroom and I did a quick 180 degree turn and layed her down on my bed. I pressed on and took of her jeans and panties with it. I slowly inserted my middle finger into her pussy and stroked her g-spot all she could say was " Ohhhhhh yess Jake ye- ahhh." I then started to go faster and harder. She moaned and started hitting orgasms left right and center. Until eventually I wore her out. We then walked to her house and before I left kissed her and grabbed her ass.
by UnderScoreShit November 02, 2019
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the satisfaction derived from someone else anticipated misery
"When I left the bar at midnight, my co-worker, Tom, was already wasted and ordering ANOTHER round of tequilla shots. That 8am meeting is gonna suck so hard for him! heh heh. sobriety sucks but schadenfreude forplay wins!" or "My frenemy Mary is gonna be so pissed when she learns her bff had sex with her ex the week after they broke up. heh heh"
by cap'n tbag April 19, 2009
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