1.n. a prostitute (male or female)
2.adj. having prostitute-like appearance or actions
1. There is a fornix on the street corner.
2. I wish that girl would stop acting so fornix!
by Djub Blub December 15, 2003
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Stimulation of the vagina, either around the anterior or posterior fornix. Typically reached with a dildo, or a longer penis (over 7 inches). The anterior fornix (A spot) is the area on the near-side of the cervix to the entrance or the vagina, while the posterior fornix (see P spot, O spot, Deep spot) is behind or beyond the cervix. The P spot is also called the Pouch of Douglas, or cul de sac (since this is the "end" of the vagina). Stimulation of the P spot has that "hurts so good" feeling, and can trigger intense orgasms, emanating from deep inside the body, lasting 20-30 seconds.
Sarah: hey roomie, how was last night with Sam? You were pretty loud.
Sheila: he was really deep, and kept up with that fornix play. I felt like I was flying.
by Caseyq December 16, 2019
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