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A way to refer to a friend of yours. A variation of homie, the boy, my dude, my nigga, etc. that is used a lot up here in PDX. Usually by polo kids and bros.
"ayy wassup my guy"
"let's go chief this blunt my guy"
"thanks my guy"
by DRANK AND JOSH March 18, 2015
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1: A word that is often used before or after administering a warning.

2: A word used to address someone, usually a male, that is close to you.
1: Woah! that snake looks dangerous my guy.

2: How's it going my guy?
by A INTILLEKTUAL June 16, 2018
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A term used as a greeting to someone you know or someone you dont know. Comes from Indianapolis,Indiana
whats up my guy, where u been at
by B-NUTS June 11, 2006
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