usually a male you have close affiliation with.
What's going on my guy?
by funkdocterspock August 16, 2007
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A way to refer to a friend of yours. A variation of homie, the boy, my dude, my nigga, etc. that is used a lot up here in PDX. Usually by polo kids and bros.
"ayy wassup my guy"
"let's go chief this blunt my guy"
"thanks my guy"
by DRANK AND JOSH March 18, 2015
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that one dude , your bro , or ham
my guy don't use my word again
by dontuseitok August 14, 2020
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something that dumbass 14 year olds on this website get offended over since it's a "variation of 'my nigga'" even though it's fucking not and i just wanna talk to my bros, you might as well try to cancel all the words Dude, bro, mate, lad, etc since they can all be replaced with the n word, or "frick, shite, beach, etc", or ban the censored sign since it's hiding shit, or maybe just shut your shit covered ass up and stop being so fucking sensitive over 2 fucking words
dumbass: ugh someone "my guy" is so racist, white people just say it to be assholes since it's similar to "my nigga"
normal guy: Chill the fuck my guy out i just wanna talk to my homies wtf you getting offended for
by Hitlerisawoman July 26, 2021
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cringy shit that white people say to eachother so that they don't say my nigga
by crusaderofthots July 20, 2018
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The man/guy that has your heart. Partner, best friend.

Which guy? My guy. To be said in a proud manner, excited tone and very "dont you wish he was yours, lucky me i know, i hope he hears this, please ask me again so i can say he's mine" explanation of you and our soul mates relationship.

"Whos guy? Mine" a way to claim your husband.

Short for, Im too tired to say my husband so Im going to use this phrase instead.

Introductory level name of endearment.
I was on a "facetime" call with jimmy a few minutes ago and he asked what i was up to, I said " hanging out with my guy".
by October 25, 2020
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