Do you really think that I wouldn't?
Hym "Say that again? Which thing? I hate repeating myself but you know I'll say it again right? Yeah... You know... You guys seem to forget that you've been talking about the type of guy that I am for my entire life. You realize that right? Was I not on your radar? And now you're mad that I've had my say? That's all it will ever. 'I deserve this more than the people who don't have it.' The 'haves' and the 'have nots' perpetually. Egh, I'm getting communist-y. You act like you're not doing anything to me. 'You can make me do a thing I don't want to do!' I'm not making anyone do anything and the thing I want to be done is 'acknowledge my existence'. Which makes what you're doing 'Shunning.' You're shunning me and trying to reframe it as me trying to make you do something you don't have to do. I'm being shunned. Ridiculous. It's ridiculous. That is you actively doing a thing to me. You're shunning."
by Hym Iam July 30, 2022
when someone says something then says the same thing three minutes later. Usually because the say say againer didnt think the other people heard him. Can also be used without direct contact.
megan and patrick are texting~~~~~~~~~
patrick: hey whats up?
megan: nm. u?
patrick: same here. remember when kyle went to kiss you but you turned away and he fell and broke his arm?
megan: i felt so bad!!
patrick: it was funny though.
{megan has nothing to say}
{four minutes later}
patrick: it was funny though.
{megan has nothing to say}
{seven minutes later}
patrick: it was funny though.
megan: quit the say say again. i heard you the first time.
by the poster of this word October 19, 2009
Phrase meant to get your point to not say what again
Me: Say what Again muthafucka

You: What?{gun Shots}
by Cobra C. July 25, 2006
possibly one of the best quotes from the classic movie, mean girls. what damien says after janis is talking about how to take down regina george.
"We gotta crack Gretchen Wieners. We crack Gretchen, and then we crack the lock on Regina's whole dirty history." -Janis
"Say crack again."-Damien
by $4R4 February 7, 2009
A fucking loser who eats Cheerios while thinks furries are apart of the Bible. L

by ItsODRJR May 30, 2019
Used to politely tell someone that they just completely contradicted themselves. It can also be "Read that again, but slowly" if it's in text rather than actually being uttered.
Dumbass: "The Flat Earth Society has members all around the globe!"

Normal Person: "Say that again, but slowly..."
by Someone who kinda exists September 23, 2021
It's a kind of term when you agree with someone, he/she. It shows that you are in one thought with that person.
Ex: (Mom yelling at us to be quick)

Sister: "Mom is soooooo IRRITATING!"

Me: "You can say that again" (showing that you agree with your sister (do you?))
by seetheworld October 15, 2018