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v. to lend money to another.
Hey, can you spot me 50 g's?
by CA NYNJAZ March 25, 2003
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The place where everyone wants to go at night. The place where the party is hoppin' and ruit is the center of attention. Sometimes the spots are small and exclusive but other times they are huge and open.
Homie 1: Yo son, where's the spot tonight?
Homie 2: I don't know yet chief, but I heard we might go to Sarah's for the night with the homies.
by Mike Provenzano February 23, 2009
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v. To watch out or assist someone that is exercising, especially when using potentially dangerous equipment.
n. Someone who spots.
I can bench 120 on my own but I need a spot to get up to 150.

After my first hernia I decided I need a spot when I bench.
by Limbo January 22, 2006
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A social hangout area with virtual boundaries around a venue's location via Geofencing, allowing only users who enter a defined geographic area to access the online resources (Menu/Food Ordering).
by redriver August 16, 2016
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Spoh-tss - where a small amount of marijuana is rolled into a ball and then pushed together between two red hot butter knives or flat spoons, that have been pre heated on a gas cooker or stove top
I had less than a dime bag left so i rolled up some spots, heated up the knives and got cut
by Krome Kai September 17, 2003
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1) a place, which may or may not physically exist, which brings great joy or pleasure.
2) the place where everything happens
1) "Man, those 10 shots of Everclear really hit the spot. That's exactly what a playa needed." (passes out)

Bill Lumbergh, in bed with Jennifer Aniston: "Yeeeeaah, if you could move a little to the left that'd be greeeeaaat. Yeeeeeaah, that's the spot." (drinks coffee)

Tyrell: "Yo let's go to Club One tonight and get da mac on wit some bitches."
Loc-Dog: "Hell yeah nigga that place be da SPOT."
by Nick D October 29, 2003
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A name people name their dog when they can't think of something original.
"my dog spot loves to play fetch."
by kim October 16, 2003
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