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A cutie pie who is so cute and sexy and an great wrsetler. And hes the best body i have ever seen!
Batista is soooo cute just look at that body!
by Amy April 7, 2005
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A greeting commonly used in the North-East of England.
"Now then, mate, how's life?"
by Amy June 28, 2004
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Mina the one and only original lady pimp.
She is an owner of male prostitutes and also female prostitutes.She sells them for certain deeds like sex and drug dealings also to do dirty biddings.
Shes got a truck full of hoes, she the biggest pimp of all. Shes a Lady Pimp
by Amy January 19, 2005
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a butt face would be someone who reads this definition and gets offended.
"How dare s/he call me a butt face! That's not nice. I shall go kill her/him for I am a buttface. Doh!"
by Amy July 8, 2004
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Where a guy eats a girl out and when a girl licks a guys dick
Girl: I want to lick your dick
Guy: I want to eat you out!
by Amy November 19, 2003
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nickname for amy...short for amy...
aim is so cool, she's got the coolest nickname (not really i hate my nickname! o well...)
by Amy January 7, 2005
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Very. Used alot in Scotland....and in one example I can think of in my dialect of American English: dead tired.
Tha' was dead brilliant!
by Amy January 18, 2004
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