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noun: thank you, good looking out
Someone passes you a cigarette because you're out and you reply "good looks."
by Amy August 06, 2003

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to keep it on the "down-low" or to keep it discreet, or secret.
"hey, don't tell anyone - just keep it on the DL."
by Amy December 15, 2004

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Skin so dry that it looks grey...like ashes.
Hey girl, you got some lotion? I'm all ashy.
by Amy July 24, 2003

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To be right on something or to say i heard you on that one. Usually said as DAMN SKIPPY.
I think your boyfriend is hot!
by Amy November 26, 2003

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The best guitarist in the world
The new word for God
"Jade is so Jade damn hot"
by Amy April 07, 2004

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Southernism for 'idiot'
Stop standing out in that thar thunderstorm, you idget!
by Amy April 03, 2004

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-a girl who drinks large amounts of semen on a regurlar basis

-a girl obssessed with having her belly filled with cum

amy felt like such a cumslut as she rubbed her bulging semen filled tummy
by amy September 24, 2003

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