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AFE: Acronym (Attractive Female Entities). Used to describe female entities which posses a level of attraction that can produce arrousal of the male (and sometimes female) gender.
Hey man let's go find us some fuckin AFE's.
by adag_dode October 11, 2009
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The most tender spot between a mans balls and his asshole.
"O yeah, O yeah lick that afe girl!"
by Boostank January 06, 2004
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It's the same meaning as SAFE but when Danny broke his phone his 'S' button didn't work so he said 'AFE'
Afe yoo...
by Argonothea September 27, 2014
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Aves loves doing everything for her friends and is always on the watch for whales, what an interesting character, but well loved by all and super pretty
Aves is kinda awesome
by prollyabignose July 19, 2017
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Usually short for Avery, stunning, smart, amazing girl.
Girl 1: Hey did you see Aves today?
Girl 2: Yeah she always looks gorgeous!! I wish I could be her!
by cupcakescupcakes1501 December 14, 2016
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