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The best Amanda-nickname ever!
I love my mandabear.
by SG May 3, 2004
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originally a Jamacian term meaning exactly what it sounds like--politicians tricking the public and playing games. (I won't name names here since I think this site should be for definitions, not opinions, but I'm sure some will come to mind)

sort of like "downpressor" instead of oppressor

or "shitstem" instead of "system"

Bob Marley used these terms, along with countless other reggae artists.
"babylon can't fool I wit it's bloodsucking thieves murders and politricks"
by SG June 29, 2004
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Slang phrase intended to express to others an extreme urge to masturbate to, or feelings of sexual attraction to characters from the mobile game Azur Lane, without directly stating it. Used most commonly in official Discord servers for Roblox games to avoid punishment from moderators.
by SG June 27, 2022
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A song by Missy Elliot. The chorus by the kids of Widney High is often misinterpreted. See Example for lyrics to chorus.
Whozoo? (who?)
My gizzurl.
Whalzinga izzat? (whos that?)
Its okizzay. Its allrizzight. Its okizzay. Its allrizzight.
Nizzow wizzee wizzil silzee. (Now we will see)
by SG April 2, 2003
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A unclassy Bitch called Gemma who loses all self control after one voddie shot. She always loses her SHIT when drunk and gives no fucks.
Last night I was so drunk , Like I was fucking gemered .
by SG January 6, 2018
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something you say when things go well for you, especially when things go well for you when you're with a chick
Person #1: "Pumpkin, you're so hot!"

Person #2: "Ti Tang Tang!!"
by SG April 1, 2004
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