My mommy says I'm special.

Frasier: Dad, do you think we're odd?
Martin: Odd? No. You're not odd. You're just special.
by Darth Ridley January 15, 2007
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An adjective used to describe someone's skills as being cool, awesome, schweet, tite or even hecka tite.
Cdizzles special skills makes life more bearable for the world around him.
by cdizzle March 03, 2005
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1) when something means a lot to you.
2) a very thick person
3) a word often used to describe a retard
1) my bass is special to me.
2) no! 2 x 5 is not 12. what are you? fucking special?
3) have u seen the family who moved in next dorr? they got a 'special' son who can't walk propely
by Mikal June 08, 2004
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noun; cannabis-skunk soaked in 40% proof whiskey/vodka, etc, for a year, drunk in shot quantities with friends.
a)'That's not enough special?!'

b) 'Never mind the quantity, feel the spaceship'.
by Hedley Clubnobber August 26, 2006
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1. Someone who is so desperate for friendship that they would resort to divuldging all facets of their personal life to gain approval from said group of "friends."
2. A shitty tattoo artist.
3. One who is so confused of his own religion that he celebrates Jewish and Christian holidays but takes offense to movies such as "Schindler's List" and "The Passion" (usually done for attention).
4. A frugal, spendthrift who buys things to make other people look bad and then brags about it b/c like people care. Also known as a one-upper.
Man, where'd that guy get his tatt done at? It looks like he went to some Speci-Al artist.

You guys wanna see me giving my wife an Alabama Crab Dangler?

Check out these Oakley flip flops, they were only 5000 dollars at the Oakley store. I don't care though, my mom gives me money.
by Mayar September 18, 2006
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Some one who has the same amount as intellegence as a baby...
Aren't we a special little girl....
by Em March 18, 2004
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