.67 grams of coke cooked up
The cops found a baby on him now he's got a couple of years
by bl5ck August 4, 2007
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Baby baby baby baby refers to the first lyrics of the battle theme of the famous RPG Persona 3 (P3 for short ) ... Indeed during the first minutes , we hear a female voice spamming " Baby " multiple times .
What's your favourite persona music

Me : * Baby baby baby baby inhales *
by Le DEANozor May 26, 2020
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It refers to the Persona 3 and Persona 3 FES battle theme interpretated by Lotus juice and composed by Shoji Meguro . The lyrics are pretty catchy and due to over repetition of the word "BABY" giving to the listener a feeling of spamming .
Me got gunshot in head on CS:GO.
Also me : *BABY BABY BABY BABY inhales*
by Le DEANozor May 29, 2020
An alternative to "On God"

Used when trying to make a point or when assuring the truth of your statement.
John: Did you hear that xxxtentacion died?
Nick: No he didn't, shut up.
John: On baby he did!
by Cheamito1234 July 22, 2018
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being treated like a baby,especially used by girls when they want to be cuddled and shown lots of affection. like whining, and basically have their boyfriends take care of them. it can be similar to daddy kinks but can be used to different degrees.
my girlfriend always wants to be babied, so i have to stroke her hair and make sure she gets lots of cuddles.
by callbacklater December 22, 2017
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you’re my babie
by babiebitch December 30, 2020
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highly thrown around word when u want to get your point across.
on baby, stop playin wit me!!!
on baby you pettyyy!!!!
by mandy606 January 15, 2009
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