The greatest invention of all time, without electricity the world would stop turning. Electricity can simply be described as electrons running through an element that leads electricity, such as a copper wire, a transistor, a resistor or a capacitor. Electricity can be "stored" in so called batteries or capacitors. Without electricity we wouldnt have TV, cars, electric toothbrushes (duuh?), computers nor electric chairs (thanks John Fru)... And that would suck, wouldn't it?
I turned on my electric lamp, sat down on the couch, turned on the TV with my electric remote control, and electrecuted my friends with the stun gun (needs electricity) so I could watch my stories!
by OllieKickFlip June 12, 2006
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a form of energy that is shaped by its vessel, lies dormant or active in anything that requires energy
ie: electric current in a wire/ electromagnetic field given off by a battery/ bioelectricity found in most living things/ potential energy when its container is not using energy etc.
by dr. jack dexter January 25, 2012
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Don: there is electricity between Amy and I. we will probably do the naughty tonight.

James: sweet, dude.
by mangement June 3, 2009
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Something you can find in cables and dead people sitting in chairs.
What? Don't pull that handle. I'm innocent I promizzzzz...Z.bzz...bzz......
by Anonymous May 14, 2003
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some thing that you use 2 electricute ppl

electricity like thunder
Jou jou-hey asshole feel this
Jonathon-holy shit!!!!!ouch
jou jou-taste the fuckin electricity bitch
by John Fru September 5, 2003
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Green: Where?
Yellow: Who
Orange has voted. 8 remaining.
Red: What do you mean I was doing tasks in Medbay the entire time
White: Yeah you seem sus Purple
Yellow has voted. 7 remaining.
Lime: Proof?
Cyan: If not Purple then Red
White has voted. 6 remaining.
Brown has voted. 5 remaining.
Cyan has voted. 4 remaining.
Green has voted. 3 remaining.
Lime has voted. 2 remaining.
Pink: Guys why is my name red?
Brown: Pink vote
Pink has voted. 1 remaining.
Black: Wait I was in Medb-

Purple was not The Impostor.
2 Impostors Remain.
by ZXKVER September 24, 2020
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