challenging someone to fight, only used by a townie
(mock cockney accent) : oi u stepping to me cuz
by eekojxrs January 21, 2004
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A dance originating in kempton park south africa where you bounce up and down and step to the beat of house music best to search for on youtube
Nu school put there new stepping video online they be killing it
by jacking john November 12, 2013
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walking very noisy, often caused by bad shoes
He was stepping down the aisle. Everyone could tell that he was coming
by ijp January 30, 2005
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When a illicit powder/rock based drug has other products/drugs added to increase weight and maximize revenues.
No way gangbanger, this shits stepped on, Id rather buy monkey nuts off a leper.
by Flube October 8, 2003
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Dilute or cut a drug like cocaine with another substance such as powdered milk.
You can step on this stuff three times and it'll still be the best in the State.
by sevenhn December 14, 2005
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