A girl who you can fall deeply in love with. She's gorgeous, beautiful, nice, sweet. She's insecure, but you have to try to make her believe herself she's beautiful. She has a great body. She makes your heart race. Once you fall for her she'll mean the world to you.
"Samantha means the world to me, and I love her."
by fishgomoo April 6, 2013
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An awesome person. One of the best in the world. Beautiful, Sweet, Smart and has a really good sense of humor.
You love that Samantha, don't you?
Dude. Everyone does.
by SamTheAwesome October 23, 2011
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Samantha is cute as a button. Samantha is funny, a good listener, and there when you need her to be, even if you might not always be there for her. She always so shy, except when she's around you. When the wind blows in her hair, when she smiles and looks at the ground, or just when she walks into a room you feel a radiance like no other. Samantha is loved by everyone, especially by you. She is awesome, fun, sweet, sexy, nice and is always a good kisser. Everbody loves Samantha.
"Samantha" is awesome.
by jeanz July 3, 2012
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A stunningly beautiful girl but doesnt seem to think so herself. Samanthas are very athletic but are normally talented in anything the decide to try. Acts like a hard ass to guys and pretends to hate love; she thinks she doesnt deserve it. If you really want to date her she makes you work for it. Eventually she'll drop the hard ass shell and love you or just be a very close friend. Only her really close besties know her secretes. She tends to have the hard attitude of a guy so many belive shes gay but dont belive it. Its just a show. She likes many girly things but no one would know it. Shes normally a person that will keep secrets so not ro get hurt anymore. Despite her flaws, shes easy to love when shes ready to love you back. The hard armored beauty is worth all her stuborness.
Samanthas so talented, beautiful even. But cant trust anyone.
by Kally Call February 26, 2014
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She's someone who's really lovable. You can really rely to someone like her. She would be a great listener. She would be really funny and a bit clumsy, but she just rolls with it, and made sure that you laughed from it. She's really amazing, nice, intelligent and quite a troller <3. She quite a virtuoso and loves music. She really is someone that you would be lucky to meet and to have as a friend. She can break down easily but with someone like a "Joyce", she can easily go back up.
I know a girl named Samantha and we are really close. We are like, sisters c:
by CarrotJuice333 May 1, 2013
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a brief but succinct conversation via text message under 140 characters that ends in "that is all".

Note "that is all" is not included in the number of characters.
Samanthaism: Dear small group invitee... the invitation to my bday dinner has now closed.. if you haven't explicitly rsvp it is now too late.

That is all
by Giantcarlo November 12, 2015
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Samantha is the most beautiful, amazing, stunning person you will ever meet. She's a funny social butterfly that always seems to suck you right into whatever she's doing and bring a smile on your face. It's impossible to be unhappy around a Samantha. They usually love monkeys and even when you're rolling your eyes and laughing, she's a funny, amazing, beautiful person. She's loyal and a great best friend and she isn't afraid to speak her mind and fight for what she believes in and for her friends and family.
Person 1: Who is she? She's gorgeous!

Person 2: What? That's Samantha! She's funny and amazing!
by submitterofsaidstuff November 5, 2011
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