this class makes me wanna piss all over
by dumdedumdum December 27, 2008
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when something is really easy such as a test and you feel youve done really well at it
oh m8 i pissed all over that test, well easy
by Jamie125 May 22, 2007
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To completely disregard a set of guidelines or customs (sometimes dismantling them) in order to achieve something.
From 'I Built a City Where the Dead Bodies Just Pile Up - Cities: Skylines' (posted by GrayStillPlays) at 0:36

' "City Skylines" has restrictions on just how many cars you can have at any given time. Luckily, with mods, you can piss all over those restrictions and do whatever the Hell you want ... and that's what we're gonna do today. '
by M0UNTA1N5 July 29, 2023
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