one of a kind

different in many ways

something that cant be replaced
(grandma) - "here take this hun"
(boy) - "aw thank you grandma"
(grandma) - "this is very special to me just like you. so take good care of it"
(boy) - "ok i will grandma"
by craigbrian June 24, 2010
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Another word for retarded. Evolved out of 'special needs' and said people being referred to using this word.
Huw Meredith is a special, unique child who simply talks and thinks differently and needs to be understood.

You're fucking special, you, ya daft cunt go suck ya nan's fat gash ya fuckin mong
by TheHunterOfPussy March 06, 2018
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Person 1: Are you gettin those specials
Person 2: Hell yea
by bombies June 04, 2009
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Take any sentence containing the word "special" and replace it with "retarded".
Really livens up a statement:
"He's special." = "He's retarded!"
by Hazardoc May 18, 2005
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a. Something very precious or unique.

b. Mentally retarded.
Dude: Hey, bro that hat is very speical.

Dude 2: So my hat is retarded?

Dude: No, the good special.
by Acoolboy May 15, 2014
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