A misunderstood and underestimated instrument. Some retards with no musical sense think that a bass player is a lesser form than a guitar player but they don't realise that in many songs, a guitar would sound very shitty without the bass. Same goes for the guitar, a bass sounds... boring without a guitar. The two go hand in hand, whether added synthetically or actually played. I am a bassist and I have never layed hands on a guitar, they just don't interest me. So alot of bassists aren't failed guitarist. I chose to be a bassist because I love the sound and have an appreciation for its importance.
by Evil Bella January 8, 2004
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God. God played bass. It's as simple as that.
God was the drummer for "Heaven", until their bassist, Lucifer, got fired. Then, God had to fill in for Lucifer on bass.
by detranova February 5, 2005
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A four stringed instrument, part of the rhythm section in a band. No band is complete without a bassist.
Bass is, after all, the sexiest instrument.
by Someone__ September 10, 2005
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When pronounced "base"--
1: Guitar-like stringed instrument used in bands and orchestras.
2: The ever-popular bass guitar, which is used by many smaller bands.
3: Any other instrument or item that emits low-pitched, rumbling sounds. Ex.: A bass trombone, bass-boost speaker system, and so on.
4: The lowest voice division in choir, hopefully composed of males. Basses aren't always able to sing something worthy of Barry White but they're typically on the lower end of the voice spectrum.

When pronounced "bass"--
A common type of fish; sometimes "bass" is used to refer to a single species of this type, ex.: largemouth bass.
1: Johnny plays the bass in the orchestra.
2: Dude, that garage band has THE best bass player I've ever seen.
3: That speaker system is tight! I love that rumblin' bass line, man.
4: I am a Bass in the church choir.

1: 'Ey, Joe, let's go bass fishing. My wife is being an evil bitch.
by Kharivas November 20, 2004
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The most underestimated, but most awesome and coolest sounding instrument in a rock band. The reason people degrade bassists is because it looks easy. infact its not.. the best bassists make it look easy. Guitarists are usually seen cooler than the bassists. But anyone who says that bassists are failed guitarist should probably get brutally beaten up..
I chose to play bass because its more fun, sounds cooler, and is also more harder to master than guitar.
basses were very large and were from orchestras until the 1950's when someone was actually smart enough to make an electric bass which is much smaller

by worm9480 March 4, 2008
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1. Instrument designed as a modern replacement for the Double Bass (or Contrabass or Upright Bass or String Bass or whatever you wanna call it). It is tuned the same as the Upright Bass (or Contrabass or Double Bass or String Bass) or an octave lower than the bottom four strings of a guitar (both mean the same thing, so it's not that big of a deal what you say).
2. A fish.
1. Anyone who thinks bassists are failed guitarists should probably be shot.
2. Let's call our clan the Large Mouth Vampire Hunters!
by FireAarro February 29, 2004
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Commonly known for range of sound from 80 hz to 20 hz, this is the very low end of the human hearing range.

Not to be confuesed with

Below 20Hz sounds = Infrasonic.

Above 20,000Hz = ultrasonic.

Hey that new song has good sounding bass line.


Hey your system has good bass output.
by micb July 6, 2003
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