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To say "Ah my lungs" is when you recieve pain to the diaphram. Or can be used as a time filler when you are feeling Awkward or SILLY.
Person 1: What do you want to do today?
Person 3: Ok...
by Mikal October 09, 2004
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associated with a typical Boston accent where one says "wicked" to express a degree of extreme to a word.
That game was wicked awesome.
Your girlfriend is wicked hot.
by Mikal March 03, 2005
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1) When something is absolutely amazing. Can't be bettered.
2) An expression showing something isn't very good.
3) Testicles
4) A series of lies.
5) When something goes wrong. To show frustration over this.
1) I went to see less than jake live. They were the bollocks.
2) Emo music is just bollocks
3) I told some slag off for being Emo. She kicked me in the bollocks.
4) George bush dun half talk some Bollocks.
5) Bollocks! I accidentley downloaded finch.
by Mikal June 07, 2004
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To give one's self a pleasure rub.
An expression used if something isnt very good.
Last night i watched back door sluts 9 and had a great WANK over it.

Karl: Have you heard of the band HIM?
Me: Yes. I have.
Karl: I am going to see them live.
Me: Gutting. That is quite devastating as they Are the WANKest band on this earth. Even more wank than finch
by Mikal June 07, 2004
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1) when something means a lot to you.
2) a very thick person
3) a word often used to describe a retard
1) my bass is special to me.
2) no! 2 x 5 is not 12. what are you? fucking special?
3) have u seen the family who moved in next dorr? they got a 'special' son who can't walk propely
by Mikal June 08, 2004
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A Phrase said by the Graphics Noob Aime.
Mikal: Thats a nice beef sandwich Mr Gafney.
Everyone in the room: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL..
by Mikal October 09, 2004
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