One of the first great ska bands that have inspired so many bands today.
They played mainly catchy rythmic songs like Ghost Town, A Message to you Rudy and Too Much Too Young.
"Ya done too much, too much too young, you're married with a son when you should be having fun with meeeee!!!"
by shay42 May 07, 2005
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More special than special.
Kio is specialer than him.
by Malady December 18, 2002
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Another word for retarded. Evolved out of 'special needs' and said people being referred to using this word.
Huw Meredith is a special, unique child who simply talks and thinks differently and needs to be understood.

You're fucking special, you, ya daft cunt go suck ya nan's fat gash ya fuckin mong
by TheHunterOfPussy March 06, 2018
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Special is a girl who is beautiful yet emotional and tends to keep to herself alot. She overcomes whatever makes her feel down after a period of time.She is very kind and unique. she has the loudest laugh you can ever hear and always knows how to make someone feel better.She maybe hurts alot but always smile through it all. It is very hard for her to be attached to people, so if you are you are lucky. Dont lose her. She gives the best advice and has a very nice smile.

Dominique: Speciallll
Special: (does the face)
Rianna: alyuh I fake in a wallet so I make gas money
Special: lmaoooooo *ridiculous laugh*
Dominique: oh (does the face)
by IIgabbII May 12, 2017
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An extremly awesome mountain bike company that makes dope bikes such as Demo 9s and 8s, P.3s and Sx trails. They also sponsor the best bikers in the world
Man your new Specialized Demo 9 is sick
by Cam G dawg homie July 27, 2006
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Person 1: Are you gettin those specials
Person 2: Hell yea
by bombies June 04, 2009
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