Someone who's aware that they are an asshole is not oblivious to who and what they are.
by Solid Mantis October 6, 2020
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Wow, I'm really oblivious, I never realize when people are on the phone and then I make an ass out of myself.
by yeargh March 23, 2015
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Pretty much Harry Potter summed up in one word. I mean, he was clueless to the things straight in his face.
*made up*
Harry: How long has this been going on?

Hermione: Quite awhile, but for some reason you didn't know.

Ron: Yeah, mate. Your oblivious to nearly everything!

Harry: That isn't true!

Heemione: Harry, it is true.
by (×_×; November 4, 2016
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To lack all memory; being forgetful and
Lacking conscious awareness this is called being; unmindful.
"He accused her of being delirious she didn't care she is just oblivious"

"The two were inlove, the beauty was oblivious"
by Kelly Louise forster :) October 2, 2008
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The state of mind Urban Dictionary contributors must be to have made Donald trump even more famous with every stupid trump word they add to this dictionary.
These dumbass urban dictionary folks be oblivious to the fact that Trump feeds on media, both good and bad.
by Heinous Realist January 26, 2017
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