to laugh evily at somones misfortune
todd " dude, the stormtrooper, he's been flambunted, and tossed out on the sidewalk"

CJ *snickers*
by martay February 25, 2003
1. A snide, slightly stifled laugh.

2.(adjective) looking kinda good, sexy (see example below)

As heard in Lost S04E06 15min:
"So Juliette, what do you think of Ben?"
"He's great. Very smart, and intense, challenging. He's been really good to me."
"Of course he has, you look just snicker."
by aniki June 12, 2008
v. 1. To be appropriately inappropriate. 2. To accomplish a helping task with ambiguous pleasure.

n. 1. To be an appropriately innapropriate person. 2. To be an ambiguous yet outgoing person. 3. A friend that is often a foe.
Don't be a snikerdy-pop; Stop giving that poor baby a russian sandwitch!

Why don't you help me snicker that tire into the back yard. We are playing quintel afterall...

Don't be a snick.
by Pentajock Dot Com July 4, 2005
Homie#1: Dam yo! Where's my bike at?!?!?

Homie#2: Those dam snickers must have stole it.
by JBeasty May 21, 2009
1. A close approximation of the sound of nigga played in reverse, which is often used to censor a song for radio play without rerecording the song or replacing nigga with another, more acceptable word, e.g. homie, cousin.

2. A euphemism for nigga, which can be used by those outside the black community to refer to their friends of any color, reducing the chance of being offensive with use of polarizing term nigga. Further offense can be avoided by emulating the reverse-playback quality as heard in definition 1, e.g. sniiiIIIcka.

Also pronounced snicka
1. "Got some friends rollin' witcha then that's cool/You can leave 'em with my snickers let 'em know that I got you..." Usher, In This Club

2. Wazzup, my snicka?
by aslan8 July 25, 2009
1. (verb) To squeeze an obstacle in the most inconspicuous place.
2. (verb) To sneak something into an obvious place without anyone noticing.
No more Russian Sandwitches for her, snicker it into her ear while no one is watching.

That game of Quintel was amazing! Did you see how he snickered it right in while no one was watching?
by FatButtLarry November 15, 2006