Any evil person or thing that is going to effect your chances of scoring
I was going to dive in but there were to many obstacles.
by brendan May 13, 2004
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obstacles are the people in your high school who are idiots and in the halls they are just in the way...
see obstacle course
"Jesus H Christ, Lexi is such a dumbass, she's a total obstacle"
by bigolbeefcurtain April 22, 2005
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What the only survivor in a mass grave must go through to escape..
Opening his eyes in a blood soaked haze, Ben deftly side stepped multiple dead bodies as he weaved through an Obstacle Corpse, as the only survivor...
by Clifhanger April 11, 2017
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when there is alot of things or people in the way you have move around them, go over things or under things.
person one: How do I get through there if all this stuff in my way
Person two: Dude I guess your going to have to obstacle couse-it
Your mom: How do you get to your bed with all this mess in your room
You: I obstacle course-it
by RustyPixie8808 May 21, 2008
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An obstruction, hindrance or problem that is strictly an illusion or figment of one's imagination.
Nah, that's just an obstacle illusion. It's another Floridian in a Grand Marquis on the berm.
by nothin but nachos September 1, 2010
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Verb. The act of blocking another from doing something.
"I really wanted to return my jeans, but the sales clerk was obstacle-ing me."


"I knew the project needed to go forward, but my supervisor was obstacle-ing me with all her micromanagement."
by Gabrielle Bunker January 19, 2007
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when a shitload of dumbass people are blocking your way, like in the hall...
"The populars are out in full swing, it looks like and obstacle course"
by bigolbeefcurtain April 22, 2005
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