the new brokeback.

derived from a controversial snickers ad that aired during the super bowl that depicted two men accidentally kissing, then ripping out their chest hair to prove that they are "manly."

the ad pissed off over-reacting gay rights activists as well as social conservatives, proving once again that the lunatic fringes on either side of the political spectrum have no sense of humor.
wow, clay aiken is so snickers.
by lighten up February 07, 2007
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a candy bar that satisfies
I offered my friend some snickers, he not himself when he's hungry
by DownSyndromeDan August 13, 2019
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A sort of code word that implies you hate people of color, while arguing you only dislike the chocolate brand Snickers.
Southerner 1: "Gawd I hate snickers."

Southerner 2: "Me too Cletus, I hate dawrk chocolate."
by Armani Quesadilla May 09, 2019
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The candy bar J-Hope was eating in the Wings #6 Mama teaser.
Army: closely analysing every little bit of the teaser including why J-Hope has a snickers, why not a hersey? What does it all mean??
by AngelzOfMusik September 10, 2016
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