Someone who is crazy as in "Chocked full of nuts"
Stay away from that chick, she's completely Snickers
by KosherK January 14, 2010
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A turd that's chock full of peanuts.
I pinched off a snickers that must have been a foot and a half long.
by The Duke July 23, 2003
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1. (verb) To squeeze an obstacle in the most inconspicuous place.
2. (verb) To sneak something into an obvious place without anyone noticing.
No more Russian Sandwitches for her, snicker it into her ear while no one is watching.

That game of Quintel was amazing! Did you see how he snickered it right in while no one was watching?
by FatButtLarry November 14, 2006
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The official act of shooting a 3-point shot from the far left or the far right of the hoop and making it. The feeling you get when you make it is the same feeling you get when you bite into a brand new Snickers.
Tevin- Hey Jimmy! How come you haven't had a Snickers in long time?

Jimmy- I'm trying!!!!

Tevin- Oh well, you must like Reese's.
by Mr. Rugby November 03, 2011
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