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A person that brings together 2 or more people that would otherwise not actually hang out . He acts as the transition friend between them, making hanging out possible. Without that specific friend there, the 2 individuals would not hang out alone until multiple hanging out sessions with the transition friend.
Adam: Yo Jeremy are you going to Jose's party tonight?

Jeremy: Naw, Alejandro is my transition friend for Jose. I can't just show up without him being there.

Adam: Oh, I gotchu
by JBeasty June 09, 2009

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a sneaky nigger
Homie#1: Dam yo! Where's my bike at?!?!?

Homie#2: Those dam snickers must have stole it.
by JBeasty May 20, 2009

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A glass pipe or "bowl" used for smoking marajuana. Cachime is "bowl" in creole.
You down to get cachimbated! Im down for some cachimbation! Alright lets pack my Cachimbe.
by JBeasty April 17, 2009

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The name of traditional greasy cheese burgers from any fast-food eating establishment....when your enibriated.
Bro... Marley Fest was the shiznit. Tremendo cachimbation.

I know let get some cheese burgits.
by JBeasty April 22, 2009

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a phrase similar to "no pun intended" except used when you ryhme unintentionally.
I just went for a walk around the block. No rhyme intended.

Dude that dog ate a frog. No rhyme intended.
by JBeasty April 01, 2010

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getting cropped out of a picture
Wow I took that picture and he totally cropped her out of it, you can see her arm and everything. She got crop blocked.
by JBeasty February 07, 2013

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Being bamboozled by someone's pictures on Instagram.
Oh my god isn't that the hot chick you follow on Instagram?

Wait, her face ain't that cute and her body looks nothing like her pictures...

We've been gram-boozled.
by JBeasty July 13, 2015

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